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Arinola Be Inspired✍🏻: Good day our inspiring audience. My name is OSENI,Islamiat Arinola, your regular host on Be Inspired with Arinola.

On today’s edition, we have a teens coach who has been mentoring young people for a long period of time now and I can say he has been doing a good job.

Can you please introduce yourself in details sir?

Guest: I’m Opeyemi Ogunyomi, popularly known as Uncle Ope. Foremost Teens coach, educator and expert tutor with over five years experience of working with young people.


Arinola Be Inspired✍🏻: *Can you please tell us what you studied in school and your school?

Mr Opeyemi: I studied Industrial Chemistry at University of Ilorin after which I had to cross over to Education, I did my Post Graduate diploma in Education at University of Lagos. I’m presently running my Masters Program in Guidance and Counselling in Unilag.

Arinola Be Inspired✍🏻: Why are you into teens coaching?

Mr Opeyemi: Hmmmm… I hope you don’t mind of I share a short story though 😁😁😁.

It won’t be a long one

Arinola Be Inspired✍🏻: Please go ahead

Mr Opeyemi: I went through some challenges as a teenager. Some of which I still had to battle with as an adult. I realized that I was able to break off from some habits because I was accountable to mentors who exposed me to the right things although I wished I had met them earlier in life.

My experience with my mentors spurred me to always want to help any teenager around me, providing guidance and information that will help them navigate through the turbulence of adolescence.

Upon the completion of my NYSC program, I discovered that our society is a dysfunctional one simply because we only have few people who focus on teenagers (everybody is looking for money). However, raising teenage leaders is a major aspect of Nation building. If we can fix the lives of teenagers our society will soon be filled with value based and value oriented adults.

I also noticed that we have few value based role models for teenagers… Most of the young folks around me especially in my community want to follow the trend, engage in fraudulent activities, cultism. I really can’t blame them because they weren’t expose to the right thing.

So I decided to take it up and correct the menace by providing guidance through several means and concepts.

Arinola Be Inspired✍🏻: *Why did you cross to education espect?

Mr Opeyemi: The reason we are where we are as a country is as a result of the quality of our educational system. We can’t do better if nothing is done about our curriculum and the present state of the system.

I strongly believe that you can’t solve a problem you do not understand. Passion is not enough, I need a systematic approach. That was why in had to cross to Education to know about the field, the challenges and what has been done in the past to combat those challenges. I’m grateful that I made the decision because I have a proper perspective of our educational system and structure now.

Arinola Be Inspired✍🏻: Means and concepts like?

Mr Opeyemi: We actually reach out to teenagers via various means from Social media to physical meetings…

But we do these through the following concepts.

*1. Teens Hangout with Uncle Ope:* aimed to address peculiar issues, provide mentorship, coaching with requisite wisdom, life skills and platforms to positively channel their potentials, pursue their dreams and impact the society.

*2. Students Success Centre:* a premier study and coaching Centre saddled to raise trailblazers who
will break barriers to achieve unimaginable feats academically.

*3. Teens Leadership Institute:* to address the need for dynamic, innovative and principled African
leaders. We recognize that raising leaders especially at the teenage level is critical to nation building and wealth creation. Changing the mindset of teenagers, equipping them to lead
ethically and motivating them to deliver and scale positive impact in their communities.

Mr Opeyemi: I won’t say more about this because the problem is an obvious one.. But I will like to emphasize that our curriculum is not designed to meet the needs of the society. Students are not properly prepared for the challenges in the labour market. So we don’t just have the problem of Unemployment but we have graduates that are unemployable.

Arinola Be Inspired✍🏻: What would be your advice for a student confused about which course to study in school and which school so as to become a better person?

Mr Opeyemi: Seek Guidance from a professional counselor.

He or she will take you through some sessions and aptitude tests that will help you make the right decision.

But in all of these things. Self awareness is Key

Arinola Be Inspired✍🏻: *Any inspirational message for students out there?

Mr Opeyemi: While you are in school… You need to know that GRADES are very important but much more ensure you acquire relevant skills.

Nobody will employ you if you have nothing to add to the organization. Ensure you volunteer for events, trainings, and organizations. For some vocations you need to do some professional courses and be certified to go far.

Start building your career path right from the ‘4 walls’ of your school. Its better to start early.
You will be glad you did.Every step you take in the right direction is one step less you need to get to your destination… Start early!

Arinola be-inspired: *Your best inspirational quote?

Mr Opeyemi: There is ALL in SMALL… Pay attention to small things

Arinola be-inspired: Thank you so much for honoring our invite sir. I also learnt a lot from this.

Dear parents please let’s pay attention to our teens!

Mr Opeyemi: You are welcome. Glad to join in.


Comments from the host.

Dear Parents, please let’s pay attention to our teens. Let’s listen to all the details they have to say. Always ask them questions. Be close to them. Be thier best friend, being strict all the time doesn’t make a child free.

To our audience, thank you so much for always reaching out. We received all comments and appreciations. Thank you and may God bless you. We love you.

Kindly leave your comments in the comment session.







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