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Arinola be-inspired: Hello. How are you doing? I trust you are fine.

I am OSENI, Islamiat Arinola, your favorite host on Be Inspired with Arinola.

On today’s session, we have 2 guest. Yeah, 2 guests! . They are both scholars in their respective departments.

Please introduce yourself sir.

Guest1: I’m joey tochi udeze. 200 level microbiology student of the university of ilorin, lover of God and the Founder of “zealotical scholars” an NGO the rewards passion for excellence .

I am Adeleke Emmanuel, a 200l biochemist undergraduate of Unilorin.

Arinola be-inspired: Thank you so much for the introduction. Today we would be talking on how to read ahead of lecturers , of which I am sure you both do that a lot. Mr Tochi you can go first…

Mr Tochi: The only time I remember reading ahead of lectures was in 100l first semester and that was because course outlines were given to us by lecturers. You know every year there may be kind of a slight adjustment on outlines for courses offered.. I’ll list the tips below ….

1: so what is best is this.. a reading time table should be created which should cover every course weekly.
2: a time limit (minimum of 2 hours should be allotted to read ahead of the class based on the outline)
3: I strongly recommend watching of youtube videos to get a full grasp of courses not yet treated in class..

Arinola be-inspired: Is this applicable to all courses?

Mr Tochi: Yes

4: what I did too was to make much enquiry from my predecessor about all courses, likely things we may be taught and recommended textbooks to have for such course.. I read far ahead of lectures..

The reason why I said reading should be done based on course outline provided by the Lecturer is so that students will not read amis and irrelevant stuffs

That’s all I have to say about that

Arinola be-inspired: Thank you so much Mr Tochi, we really appreciate this.

Mr Tochi: You are welcome..

Arinola be-inspired: Mr Emmanuel, please go ahead.

Mr Emmanuel: I must confess that a major key to having an outstanding result here in unilorin is READING AHEAD. This gives you deeper insight into the topic and better understanding of the topic. It also give you time to cover lost grounds such as days where you might miss class and time to focus more on more challenging courses.

Below are some tips for reading ahead

As the saying goes ”Knowledge is power” same way its applicable here. Meet your course mates in higher levels that have done this course before. Make enquiry about the course such as the course outline, the lecturers involved along side practicals too.

Once you have the information above, you can then proceed to make a plan(timetable), to which you must be dedicated to. Find time to read EVERYDAY. No matter how little it may be…

It is important you also read further. There are materials online that you can read to gain deeper understanding too.

YouTube videos have helped a lot and popular academic sites too.

Arinola be-inspired: Popular Academic sites like?

Mr Emmanuel: These sites includes,, khan academy ,sciencedirect, etc

Lastly, make sure everything you do is placed in Gods hand.

Arinola be-inspired: I must confess I really learnt a lot from this session. Thank you so much for honoring our invite.

You and Mr Tochi did justice to the tips on how to read ahead of lecturers.

Mr Emmanuel: Thank you for the invite. Glad to join in…

To the BIA family please try as much as possible to stay safe. We understand how difficult things are but we pray and hope it passes soon. Please note that you mean a lot to us. We love and adore you. You are family.

See you next week……

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