Meet with Basheer Luqman Olarewaju


Arinola Be Inspired✍🏻: Good day. I am OSENI, Islamiat Arinola, your regular host on BIA. On today’s session we have a leader per excellence and a scholar in the making.

Can you please introduce yourself sir?


Erstwhile National President of National Association of Basic Medical Science Students.

BASHEER is an emerging Leader and a Promising writer.

He is a Lecturer and a grounded Serial volunteer for NGOs.

Arinola Be Inspired✍🏻: Which school did you graduate from and course studied?

Mr Luqman : I graduated from the ‘Better by Far University’ – University of Ilorin.

I studied Human Physiology.

Arinola Be Inspired✍🏻: You mentioned you’re a lecturer, the lecturer of which school sir?

Mr Luqman: I am a Lecturer at Imam Hamzat College of Education, Ilorin.

Department of Biology/Integrated Science.

Arinola Be Inspired✍🏻: What did you do besides academics in school?

Mr Luqman: Writing. Quiz. Public Speaking. And sometimes, Aso-Ofi.

Arinola Be Inspired✍🏻: Did you earn money while in school?

Mr Luqman: Definitely Yes,

I am a son of man who could afford ¼ of my school fees.

I was triggered to cope on atmosphere that was not favorable for me. I moved away from comfort zone and using my innate skills, I was able to raise money when needed.

Arinola Be Inspired✍🏻: What are the mistakes you made in school?

Mr Luqman: To be sincere,

I want to answer that with an axiom.

“Let me see a man who has never made a mistake, I will show you a man who has never tried new things”

I have developed the habit of forgetting about the past.


If I could change anything, it would be *Networking!*

Arinola Be Inspired✍🏻: What are the advices you would give an undergraduate?

Mr Luqman: Advice.

Like I always say.

To be successful in life,

Cope With Failure and Learn From Mistakes. Love Yourself. Be a Good Person. Know the Keys to Success. Find Your Passion.
Be a Lifelong Learner. Listen to instructions.

Arinola Be Inspired✍🏻: What are the skills you would advise an undergraduate to learn?

Mr Luqman: Become a Goal-Setter– High-performing students understand the simple, but very powerful habit of goal-setting.

Have a Strategic Action Plan — Successful students are strategic and have a specific plan of action that is thoughtful, direction-oriented, and purposeful.

Be Proactive —Successful students are proactive.

Learn IT!

Arinola Be Inspired✍🏻: Your best inspirational quote?

Mr Luqman: I am not going to bow for failure. I am quintessential man. I am edifice of wisdom and strength. I am a conduit of hope. I will never relent to make a difference.

To the BIA family, we are using this opportunity to thank you and also let you know that you mean a lot to us. Please stay safe. We love you. See you next week.



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