Meet with Akan Imoh (The Emerging Leader)


Arinola be-inspired: I am Oseni Islamiat Arinola, your regular online host.

On today’s session, we have Mr Alan Imoh. An Emerging Leader and also the CEO at The Boss Approach

I would like you to briefly introduce yourself sir

Guest: My name is Akan Imoh, I am a PR & Brand Comms Consultant. I have a passion for capacity development among youths.

Arinola be-inspired: Which school did you graduate from and what did you do besides academics in school?

Mr Akan Imoh: I graduated from the University of Lagos, Akoka, where I studied Political Science. I also did a diploma at the Nigerian Institute of Journalism. I studied Mass Communication there.

Arinola be-inspired: 3/19, 18:31] Oseni Islamiat Arinola: Is what you are doing now related to your course of study?

Mr Akan Imoh: Well, interestingly, I have had experience in a couple of industries. Firstly, I started out in the media industry. I worked as a journalist and later on as a PR consultant.

After a while, I found myself in consulting, specifically, Learning & Development. Thus experience was quite novel to me, as it was completely different from what I studied in school. But, I fell in love with it, and became quite good at it. I was able to facilitate training for staff of some of the biggest organizations in the country.

Arinola be-inspired: What are the skills you would advise a student to merge with academics while in school?

Mr Akan Imoh: Talking about skills, my biggest advice to any undergraduate would be to go all out, be deliberate and get credible skills.

The student can start up with learning soft skills. Then, Microsoft Office is another important skill to get.

Arinola be-inspired: How were you able to conveniently switch roles from a journalist to a PR consultant then consulting?

Mr Akan Imoh: There’s nothing you want to do that you cant do and be successful in if you put in effort. What you need to switch industry is to have the passion for it, and the right amount of determination. That way, you’ll be fired up to do the work that’s required.

Arinola be-inspired: What advise do you have for undergraduates on Networking?

Mr Akan Imoh: Networking is everything. I always say there are three thing you need for success.

That’s content, branding and networking.

You must have solid content. This means that you must be very good at what you do. Excellent actually.

Then, you must brand and package yourself so that people will be interested in working with you
Don’t forget, first impression last long and finally, networking. You need to deliberately build your network.
This is key, as without this, you might not go so far.

Arinola be-inspired: Your favorite inspirational quote?

Mr Akan Imoh: Everything will fall in place, stop worrying.

Arinola be-inspired: Thank you for accepting our invite sir.

Mr Akan Imoh: Glad to Join in.


Arinola be-inspired: The lesson I learnt from this interview is how to use CBN and also how to change careers.

Kindly drop the lesson you learnt from this interview in the comments section. Please stay safe guys . We love you and God bless you.

See you next week.







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