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Arinola Be-Inspired✍🏽: I am OSENI, Islamiat Arinola as I introduced earlier. Your favourite host on BIA.

On today’s session we have someone who confirmed the saying that every disappointment is a blessing. Kindly relax as he introduces himself.

Sir, can you please introduce yourself?

Guest: My name is Samson Femi Agberotimi. I am a Clinical Psychologist and a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the North West University, South Africa at present. Thanks.

Arinola Be-Inspired✍🏽: Thank you for the introduction sir.

Going through your profile, I got to know that you wanted to study law but was later given psychology. Can you please take us through that journey sir?

Dr. Femi Agberotimi: Wow smile
That’s a very interesting journey.
Well, in my secondary school days, as an Art student, I had always wanted to study Law. In fact I was so keen to become a Lawyer that right after secondary school, some of my friends started addressing me as a Barrister. Of course I prepared and applied for Law at the Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife Nigeria, but “unfortunately” (at least that’s how I interpreted the situation then), I was admitted to study Psychology. I was disappointed and sad when I got the admission knowing that my JAMB score would have as well gotten me the Law I had always wanted. That’s how I found myself in Psychology, and the rest is history.

Arinola Be-Inspired✍🏽: Despite being given Psychology, I found out you graduated on top of your class as the only First Class produced by the department for about a score, Can you please shed more light on that?

Dr. Femi Agberotimi: Hmmm
To be sincere with you, it was not very easy during my first year in school. Although before resumption I had determined that I would not give my Psychology study anything but the best of me, when I resumed I became a bit unsure of my ability. Meeting people of different academic and socioeconomic background, including those that went through predegree study and had been exposed to quite a fraction of the courses we were taking in our first year. Thank God I overcame the self doubt, decided to let go of my divided interest in law, and settled down well.
My first year result was a major boost for me, it was almost a perfect year 1 grade.

Arinola Be-Inspired✍🏽: Do you enjoy being a Clinical Psychologist or you still prefer law till date?

Dr. Femi Agberotimi: Of course I love and enjoy being a Clinical Psychologist. It comes with a great sense of fulfillment for me. Law is a profession I still like but not in anyway as Clinical Psychology.

Arinola Be-Inspired✍🏽: Wow. This is inspiring.

Please describe your journey in a sentence sir.

Dr. Femi Agberotimi: It’s being quite eventful but rewarding and satisfying.

Arinola Be-Inspired✍🏽: Are there any of your secondary school or university colleagues that You are proud of as of today?

Dr. Femi Agberotimi: Oh very well. I have a number of colleagues and friends that I am very proud of looking at how they have inspired me personally and what they have achieved thus far.

Arinola Be-Inspired✍🏽: Kindly mention few sir.

Dr. Femi Agberotimi: Oh, this is a bit tough because I hold all my colleagues in high esteem. But to mention a few. Tolulope Adekola, Abdulahi Abdulraheem, Temitayo Odeyemi, Tunji Olorunfemi, my OAU G6 friends (Olaitan Oladele, Akin Odususi, Moji Fasogbon, Damilola Akingbulugbe and Dayo Taiwo), Femi Gabriel, Abayomi Olaseni. I can’t exhaust the list. These guys are destiny helpers.

And of course the list will not be completed without mentioning my beautiful wife Olabisi Agberotimi (she has been my wonderful friend and number 1 fan right from the university days)

Arinola Be-Inspired✍🏽: From your wealth of experience, what advice would you give to undergraduates out there?

Dr. Femi Agberotimi: Beyond the degree, yndergraduate education presents an opportunity for self discovery. It is a time to be sincere with who you are, listen to yourself and not the noise in the environment, and pick up every necessary knowledge, skill and experience to help you become who you want to become in life. If you don’t get it right then, it may be a struggle later in life. I encourage every undergraduate student to make the best use of their time and opportunity.

Arinola Be-Inspired✍🏽: Are there any skill you would advise an undergraduate to hone ?

Dr. Femi Agberotimi: Well, any skill that may be helpful in career development is necessary to be acquired. Above all, are good/healthy interpersonal relationship skills. Because to go well and far in life, you are going to need people, and you’ve got to be able to relate well with everyone – emotional and social intelligence, and unreserved respect for people are non-negotiable skills to acquire as early as possible in life.

Arinola be-inspired: What is your best inspirational quote?

Dr. Femi Agberotimi: When we are no longer to change a situation – we are challenged to change ourselves” – V E Frankl
Arinola Be-Inspired✍🏽: Thank you so much for honouring our invite, I must confess I really learnt a lot.

Dr. Femi Agberotimi: Thank you for having me.

To the Audience: Thank you for staying with us and also watching out for our interviews. God bless you.


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