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    My name is Oseni Islamiat Arinola. I am popularly known as Arinola be-inspired. I am currently a student of  Biochemistry at the University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Kwara State. I love to inspire others through my writings. Inspiration is what I stand for.

        About be inspired with Arinola
  It is a career talk that will invite successful students i .e students that are studying and also working and are making it big to share how they made it with us. It will also give opportunity to graduates who successfully combined studies with money making while they were schooling before graduating to share their success story. This online interview session hopes to bring successful student across Nigerian Universities to share with us how they balance their academics with work .

 Aims and objective of be inspired with Arinola.
  The main aim and objective of the online interview session is to inspire we students to do more, to learn from our mates. There are legal works we can engage in to support ourselves and parents. We do not necessarily have to become graduates before we start earning.

  Mission and Vision of be inspired with Arinola
  The mission is to build individuals who are inspired to do more even before graduating and it would also enable them to contribute their own quota to not only their society but to the country. It will also enable them to become better individuals themselves.
   The vision is to create school graduates across all disciplines that are relevant to the society and contributes meaningfully to the development of the country.

The online interview session takes place every Wednesday of the week with different guests from different schools. Keep chilling till I unveil my first guest😊😊.

Leave your comments in the comments session. I love feedbacks.

If you want to be interviewed or you have someone you want me to interview for you reach me on:
 WhatsApp: 08131940050
 Twitter: Arinola Be Inspired

 …to inspire and getting inspired.

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