Interview with unilorin best graduating student for year 2019


Arinola be-inspired: I’m Oseni Islamiat Arinola your regular host on Be inspired with Arinola. On today’s session we have the University of Ilorin latest scholar. A beautiful lady per excellence, the 001 scholar as unilorin produces 130 first class students for the 35th Convocation Ceremony scheduled to hold today.
Kindly introduce yourself ma, while introducing yourself, we would like us to tell us your department.
Guest: I’m Okunola Toluwani Deborah.From University of Ilorin.Department of Mathematics.I’m graduating this year by God’s grace. In October.
Arinola be-inspired: How many attempts did you make before finally gaining admission into the University of Ilorin?
Miss Deborah: One attempt ma
Arinola be-inspired: Was mathematics your choice of course?
Miss Deborah: Yes ma’am
Arinola be-inspired: Can you please tell us a little bit of your background story before getting into the institution?
Miss Deborah: I finished from secondary school in 2015. I am the first child out of 5.
I got born again in 2013 when I was in SSS2. I learnt hardwork and diligence.
Arinola be-inspired : Where are you from?
Miss Deborah: I am from Ibadan, Oyo state.
Arinola be-inspired: What were your expectations when you got admitted into the institution?
Miss Deborah: I wanted to graduate with a CGPA of 5.0, so God and my parents will be honoured. I also wanted to know more about the lord.
Arinola be-inspired: What cgpa are you graduating with?
Miss Deborah: I am graduating with a cgpa of  4.98.
Arinola be-inspired: Wow, this is a great success.The first year is said to be the most basic year and forming stage, how did your 100 level go?
Miss Deborah: It went well. 
God helped me to remain focused and to meet good friends that helped me a lot. 
My least score in all my 100l courses was 80/100.Distractions also came up, but, glory to God, I was able to make sacrifices needed to achieve what I wanted.
Arinola be-inspired:  Being the best graduating student of the University of Ilorin for the year 2019, how do you feel?
Miss Deborah: Sincerely, I am elated.
Arinola be-inspired: How were you able to meet the target of 4.98 cgpa?
Miss Deborah: First of all, God’s help. 
Then, good relationships(families and friends), focus. Sacrifices, diligence, good time management.
Arinola be-inspired: The usual belief is that you can concentrate on two things at the same time, As a Scholar what other things did you engage in during your school days?
Miss Deborah: I engaged in seeking God, helping out at home, helping people and obtaining some skills( sewing, computer programming and cooking).
Arinola be-inspired:  Did you socialize at all? Parties, picnics, dinner etc
Miss Deborah: No parties. 
But I went for picnics with church and fellowship members 
And I attended some dinners in my final year. After our exams.
Arinola be-inspired:  Have you ever failed at one point in time or has it always been a smooth sail for you since you gained admission into the institution?
Miss Deborah: I had two B’s and my project work was quite tasking, but with God’s help, I pulled through.
Arinola be-inspired: How do you study? Can you please share a bit of your study habits with us?
Miss Deborah: I read everyday. Consistently
Arinola be-inspired:  Do you think its possible to combine socializing or money making with academics and still achieve this your feat?
Miss Deborah: I am not sure. 
But I believe focus is necessary.
Arinola be-inspired: Your advice to students out there…
Miss Deborah: Please, be focused. I believe we all came to school to earn a degree. If we are going to do that, we might as well do it excellently well. Put in your best. 
But then, what is the point of a degree here if you’ll miss eternity in the end. Don’t let anything draw you back from the Lord.
Arinola be-inspired: Any special words of advice for students struggling academically at the moment?
Miss Deborah: Remember : “Just when the caterpillar thought life had ended, it became a butterfly. “
The fact that you are not doing well academically now doesn’t mean you never will. 
Pray, find out what you might have been doing wrong, keep in mind what you want, meet with people who are getting the results you want, ask them questions, put in more effort, try again.
Arinola be-inspired: After graduation, what next may?
Miss Deborah: I’ll be going for the National Youth Service Programme for a year by God’s grace.
Arinola be-inspired: How do your parents feel about this success?
Miss Deborah: They are glad 😊.
Arinola be-inspired: Thanks a lot for accepting our invite ma
Miss Deborah: You are welcome. 

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