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Arinola be-inspired: I’m Oseni Islamiat Arinola. I’ll be your host on today session of Be inspired with Arinola. Kindly introduce yourself sir
While introducing yourself sir we would like you to tell us your school, department, level or year of graduation if graduated.
Guest: I am Tomori Uriel a graduate from the Department of Mass Communication University of Ilorin. I am a media and information literacy expert, highly instinctive with great insight for innovative.

I am passionate about a youth driven Africa and that has led Me to volunteering, public speaking, consulting and confounding platforms to keep Safe spaces for youth. With seven years experience in content, three years experience in marketing communications and public speaking respectively, I have had the opportunity of adding value to over 1000 youth across Africa.
I established saviourOfNInspi in 2012, a platform that offer understanding to social interaction, cofounded Inkskribe, Future Brand Idol, CareerEdu among other initiatives.
In a bid to share My ideas I joined communities (such as HBX, wikimedia, CIVIUS, Hive, YALI) and attend conference that are driven to make the world a better place for you and I.
Arinola be-inspired: What are the things you do with studying to earn money ?
Mr Uriel: I do consultation, do public  speaking and run a marketing Communications startups with my colleagues.
Arinola be-inspired: Why did you decide to join the campus politics, what motivated you?
Mr Uriel: I actually wasn’t involved in politics, but many thought I was due to My impact and track records on Campus.
I was a Campus Journalist from My 100 till final year, and I served as Editor in Chief, Chairman Guild of Editors and Vice President National Association of Nigerian Campus Editors where I won awards and had the opportunity of transforming the face of campus Journalism on My campus and nationally.
It was a rare opportunity for Me, and My activities, there were the foundation of My career till date…ALL THANKS TO GOD.
Arinola be-inspired: How did you balance academics, entrepreneurship and journalism?
Mr Uriel: Well. Like I tell People, grade is a Mystery, I left it TO GOD…as a matter of fact, a lot of People didn’t know I was a student while I was on campus, they thought I graduated a long time ago due to My Privilege experience and enagement 
I never had an F and I still had the opportunity of graduating with a Second class upper
However, I tried as much as possible not take My education for granted. I started travelling in 200 level and that meant I could be missing lectures.
So, I figured out I don’t have to.embark on every trip and have to focus on My studies.
I study things outside My course works, so that made vast and improved My thinking. 
GOD SO GOOD…Our lecturers were like parents to Us, so I text My lectures if I will be missing a class and state the reason why I would. Unbelievable right? But I did. 
Maybe because they knew I don’t take My studies for granted. So, IT HAS BEEN FAVOUR AND GOD ALL THE WAY.
Arinola be-inspired: Did you do anything aside journalism?
Mr Uriel: Yes, aside Journalism.
I spent a larger part of My time talking to students about their Wellbeing. I am a good listener. I listen to People’s story, relate with it and profer solution.
I can relate with a lot of things, I have such dots and experience. 
So I was able to help both psychological and emotional. I listened to their stories, advice them and GOD ALWAYS PLACE THE RIGHT WORDS ON My lips.
I learnt so much. Students go through alot. Imagine People from different background and all.
So, sharing People’s burden and making them Hopeful made Me happy and happier.
Arinola be-inspired:*Can you advice students who aim at the very top in their academics to venture into other activities?
Mr Uriel: Yes, they should venture into Campus Journalism and other volunteering organisations and communities that goes with their interest.
Arinola be-inspired: What is the best way to balance academics and other activities?
Mr Uriel: Spend time wisely. Understand yourself, your SWOT. Study a lot, it doesn’t have to be course materials and PRAY…
Arinola be-inspired: Have you ever volunteered?
Mr Uriel: Yes. I have volunteered for a few and have an NGO too, with My Colleagues. 
Our NGO is focused on improving the quality of education and partnering with individuals and organisations to keep Safe spaces.
Arinola be-inspired: What are the things you wish you did or done better while you are in school?
Mr Uriel: I don’t regret anything. Like I said, some People did not even Know I was a student. 
But, I am to be more critical, I wish I took more risk in aspect of building a career.
Arinola be-inspired: What is your best inspirational quote sir?
Mr Uriel: *Human efficiency without GOD’S SUFFICENCY (GRACE), EQUALS DEFICIENCY…*
Arinola be-inspired: Thanks for having us sir.
Mr Uriel: You’re welcome.

Thanks so much for reading, as usual you know I love feedbacks, kindly drop one in the comment session and also you are free to suggest anyone you want me to interview. Thanks so much for always.

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