Interview with the Viral EndSARS Flagboii


Arinola Be-Inspired(BIA)✍🏽: Good day inspiring audience. My name is OSENI, Islamiat Arinola, your regular host on BIA.

On today’s session, we have the viral ENDSARS protest Flagboii. He will be sharing some of his experiences.

Kindly introduce yourself sir.

Flagboii: My name is Banjo. The flag boii

Arinola Be-Inspired(BIA)✍🏽: Why did you decide to join the #EndSARS protest?

Flagboii: I join in the protest as it is a fundamental right of every citizen and chance to create a better future for us all.

Arinola Be-Inspired(BIA)✍🏽: Do you think the protest had an impact?

Flagboii: Yes it did

Arinola Be-Inspired(BIA)✍🏽: A lot of my colleagues want to know this. How do you climb those heights to display the flag?

Flagboii: We me too don’t know. I just climb.

Arinola Be-Inspired(BIA)✍🏽: Why did you decide to stay anonymous?

Flagboii: firstly, it’s a protective measure I chose. Secondly, it’s just a brand style of mine.

Arinola Be-Inspired(BIA)✍🏽: To what extent?

Flagboii: Many people woke up.

Arinola Be-Inspired(BIA)✍🏽: Any words of advice or wisdom to everyone out there?

Flagboii: It’s just the same thing every other successful person as said over the years but I will just had mine by saying; Know who you are because that’s the only way you can find out who you ought to be. If you don’t know who you are, then you can’t what to do and even if you try, you might still not know why you are doing it. A life without purpose is a wasted one.

Arinola Be-Inspired(BIA)✍🏽: What is your brand name?

Flagboii: FLAGBOII

Arinola Be-Inspired(BIA)✍🏽: What is your best inspirational quote?

Flagboii: “Who Are You?”






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