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Arinola be-inspired(host):  Good day my ready to be inspired audience. My name is Oseni Islamiat Arinola, your regular host on Be Inspired with Arinola.

   On today’s session, we have a Scholar per excellence who has achieved a lot when it comes to academics. He is also an entrepreneur.

 While introducing yourself sir we would like you to tell us your school, course of study, level or year of graduation if graduated.

Guest: I’m Akewusola Ridwanullahi Abiodun.

I had my Architecture certificate from the Department of Architecture, Faculty of Environmental Sciences, University of Ilorin. I graduated in the year 2017.

I’m currently at final lap of my Masters Program in Architecture, in the department of Architecture, University of Ilorin.I’m currently a Provisionally Registered Architect.

Arinola be inspired: What are the things you did together with academics to earn money?

Mr Akewusola: I studied Achitecture and also practiced while studying to make money but before I enrolled for architecture in kwara state polytechnic, I learnt computer engineering.

So, during the course of my study, I repair computer system for people to earn money.

I also did buying and selling of computer systems.

I was also a home lesson teacher to many students just to make money.

I was a contract staff as a CAD instructor in FEMTECH IT.

  Note :  Architecture is a course that while you are student you can still be making money by designing building for people around you. That’s if you are good and people enjoy your work. Though it against the professional practice ethics. But that was still part of my endeavours through which i earned money.

Arinola be inspired: Can you please tell us how you balance academics with work?

Mr Akewusola: Well, the all-encompassing words to answer this is time management.

When you plan your daily life based on what to do, when to do it, how to do it and where to do it, then you will achieve a lot.

I always set goals at the beginning of every year.

I always have a to do lists on daily basis which will make me arrive at the set goals.

If I don’t exhaust my to-do list I won’t sleep.

In summary, the rule of “Office works end at office while homework ends at home” really helped me a lot.

Arinola be inspired: Does getting involve in other things affects your academics in any way at all?

Mr Akewusola: No

I was the best graduating students from the Department of Architecture, Kwara State Polytechnic with Distinction. 

I topped my class since my first year in university till I graduated, and I graduated with first class honors and also the best graduating student from the Department of Architecture and from the Faculty of Environmental Sciences.

I won federal government scholarship award when I was in final year during my undergraduate.

I also enjoy university of Ilorin scholarship award throughout my undergraduate years.

With all these it might interest you to know that I also participated in politics. I was the Departmental president for 2016/2017 academic session for the Department of Architecture, university of Ilorin.

 Currently, i am one of the Senators (Honourables) representing Faculty of Environmental Sciences at Postgraduate level

Arinola be inspired: wow! This is such a great feat and very inspiring. Its amazing!

Were your parents aware that you engage in other things aside academics? Did they give their consent?

Mr Akewusola: I was an adult before I gained admission into higher institution. So, I took it upon myself to have a source of income to settle petty bills to avoid bothering my parents for some of my financial needs.

At first, I didn’t let them know so that they won’t stop me because I know they would be afraid that it would affect my academic performance.

But later, I made it known to them. The fact that it did not affect my academic performance, they were so happy and commended me that it’s good and very rare traits for a man to know how to manage time, to lead efficiently, to have entrepreneurial skill and to know that he’s an architect of his life.

They were so supportive, I thank them.

Arinola be inspired: Do you enjoy what you do?

Mr Akewusola: Yes, I do.

After my secondary school, I sought admission to study medicine as a course that I had so much passion and desire for, for good six years. In one of those years I was offered an admission to study medicine at one of the universities in Anambra but my family couldn’t leave me to go far so i forfeited the admission.

Throughout my polytechnic days studying Architecture, I was sad that I could not study medicine.

But since I finished polytechnics I have been so much in love with what I do and I have no regrets.

Therefore, I enjoy what I do and I’m enjoying Architecture.

Arinola be inspired: Any inspirational message for students out there to trigger them to do more aside academics?

Mr Akewusola: The students should discover their potential and see what they could do better than others. It is this potentials they should harness and make money out of it.

Note that every single person has his or her own potential, its now left for such an individual to unleash such treasury.

There are so many opportunities out there. There is a particular opportunity that suits you but you won’t know until you discover yourself.

 The students should also engage in other things aside academics, Things that can fetch them money and leadership skill in such a way that will not affect their academic performance, so that they won’t regret after they leave the four walls of the school.

Arinola be inspired: What is your best inspirational quote?

 Mr Akewusola: “Do only what you know how to do best and be happy about it, then the world will be at your feet” Arc. Akewusola, R. A.

Arinola be inspiredThank you Mr. Ridwan for honoring our invite, we appreciate it a lot.

Mr Akewusola: I am glad to join in.


Arinola be inspired: to my audience I hope you were inspired and also learnt one or two things from the interview.
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  Thanks for reading.


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