Interview with president of Rotaract and 7th sense and also convener of TedX Unilorin


BIA: Can you please introduce yourself in details sir?

Guest: I am AbdulRahman Ayomide ADEBAYO. A 500lvl student of Law, University of Ilorin. I am a UN SDGs advocate and activator. I have strong interest in youth advocacy, community and global development and mental health. I am also an advocate for youth inclusion, transparency and accountability in government.I presently serve as the President of Rotaract Club, University of Ilorin and 7thSense Concepts.I am also the Convener TEDxUnilorin. In addition, I also serve as the Director of Programs Mentally Aware Nigeria Initiative (MANI) Kwara State

BIA: Can you tell us the things you do beside academics?

Abdul-rahman: I am a volunteer for many organizations involved in Community Development and Transparency and accountability in government. I presently volunteer for Rotaract Club, 7thSense Concepts, Mentally Aware Nigeria Initiative(MANi). I am also involved in SDGs advocacy and activation.

BIA: How do you successfully balance all these things with academics?

Abdul-rahman: I must confess when I started volunteering at first, it was hard because I lost interest in Law, so I didn’t really care about law but at some point I got to understand I must do this for my parents, at least, if not for myself, whatever is worth doing at all, is worth doing well. So what I basically do is read when I have the time to. I must confess I miss alot of classes, I am not the class type, I perform better reading alone than listening in class. So yeah, what I basically do is read when I can, create time sometimes, especially when I have tests or exams – I practically stop all works during this time to focus mainly on book, at least for the 2 or 3 weeks of exam. So I can say balancing it has worked on a 20/30%

BIA: Are you saying balancing is difficult and you can only rate it 20/30%?

Abdul-rahman: I am saying balancing it for me as worked because I have given them priority. Volunteering/extra-curricula is to me around 70%, because that is the field I am going to when I am done. Also, it is practical and schooling is 30% for me. However, for me, I have learned to multitask, eventhough it is stressful.

BIA: What do you think you’re doing differently that other students need to act on?

Abdul-rahman: I have come to understand a lot of students just want to graduate and get a job, more of a when we leave school, we will figure it out. There is no we will figure it out when you leave school. I started volunteering when I was in 300lvl and it has help me gain something school will never teach me & and has never thought me. The practicality of the outside world. So, I will advise students, try to be involved in extra-curricula, join organizations on campus that align with your personal goal/passion/interest/dream. While volunteering, you will get to realize the ones that are just things you are interested in and the ones that you can actually work with. So I will advise students to get more involved in extra-curricula, it is often the key to what happened when you leave University. I have been volunteering for 3 years, I have developed a whole lot, in comparison to when I started, positions/responsibility teach you things theories and imaginations won’t. There is difference between when you are actually on the field(practical experience) and when you are saying I know it(imagination).

BIA: As a 500 level student of law, what are the advice you would give an 100 level student of law or any department?

Abdul-rahman: For 100 Level students – it is good to explore, to try to see things beyond the classes. Volunteering gives you a perfect opportunity to explore and practice what you want. However, your must also understand your limit, if you can merge to together, you can go for a 70/80% schooling, 20/30% volunteering. So, yeah, my advise for an 100level Law student is in your 100/200 level try as much as possible to volunteer for things that interest you because it helps you understand that there is work beyond I am interested in this thing, it also helps you gain practical experience.

BIA: Would you advice an 100 level student to involve in other things aside academics?

Abdul-rahman: I will advise an 100 level to be involved, however, should not do too much, especially for his/her first year, cause you are just beginning to understand how the school system works with/for you. So what I will advise is make it 80% schooling – 20% volunteering/extra-curricula. You want to cross, don’t you🤣🤣🤣

BIA: What is your best inspirational quote sir?

Abdul-rahman: _Whatever it takes_ It’s used to be _the sky is the starting point_ but now _whatever it takes_

BIA: What inspirational message do you have for students out there?

Abdul-rahman: This is not really an inspirational message though. To the students, we all have to understand that our 4/5 years in school is the best time to get the experience and training you need for the outside world. Focus a lot on personal development. I understand you want to have fun, yeah it is cool but you must also spend time & money, if required, on things that will build you for the life outside school. Don’t wait till you get to final year before you start trying to figure out things. Yes, I understand the future is not certain, things can change, but you have to give it you all, prepare yourself for that outside school experience. Also, be ready to learn, unlearn and re-learn- it is hardly than the way I am saying it, I know, I understand but you must do it. Prepare yourself for the life outside school, _your competition are not the students of University of Ilorin or your friends, your competition is the whole world, you have to be prepared to face it and compete with it. The best part of my journey at the University of Ilorin is my growth. Whatever it takes for you to be better than when you got into school, to be able to compete with people outside, throughout the world, do it. It is very important

BIA: What are the things you’ll advice students to engage in that could be of benefit to them?

Abdul-rahman: You can join- Politics- Journalism- Volunteer for NGOs involved in whatever interest you- Blogging – Community Development- Learn about Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) pick the one that interests you and volunteer for it- Everything involved in personal development, anything that can develop you personally- Sport- Music, for the people that have interested in it- Extracurricular, generally.
I don’t know if I can add organizations people can join to help train them on campus

BIA: Yes and how they can join?

Abdul-rahman: Rotaract Club – focused on Community and personal development – You also build network
AIESEC – focused on Community and personal development – You build network
Junior Chambers International (JCI) – focused on Community and personal development – you build network
7thSense Concepts – Politically neutral organization – it is involved in transparency and accountability in government – Students’ Union – They are in-charge of the 7thSense, University of Ilorin Students Union Presidential Debates and also a town-hall – tagged Behind the Veil. – *for people not interested in politics but interested in governance*
Union of Campus Journalist (UCJ) – For people interested in Journalism
Society for Social Justice (SSJ) – Humanitarian Organization
Drug Free Club
Red Cross Society
The Tax Club
Mentally Aware Nigeria Initiative(MANi) – For People interested in Mental Health
Home Streets Kids Initiative(HSKi) – I will advise this for people that are interested in Social Work/Community Development
To join they can check them on Twitter and I can be contacted personally for Rotaract and 7th Sense concept.

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