Interview with OAU best graduating student for the year 2017, yet to get a job


BIA: I am oseni Islamiat Arinola also known as Be Inspired with Arinola. I am your regular host on Be Inspired with Arinola. On today’s session we have Obafemi Awolowo University best  graduating student for the year 2017 who is yet to get a job. Surprised? Yeah, he  is here to take us on the journey.

Kindly give us a detailed introduction about yourself sir

Mr Damilare: I am Damilare Oyaniyi. I am 25 years old. I am the 2nd born in a family comprising 3 children. I had my undergraduate education at Obafemi Awolowo University where I read Zoology. I graduated in the year 2017.

BIA: From findings, I realized you’re OAU best graduating student for the year 2017. Can you please confirm?

Mr Damilare: Well, yes, I was. You can refer to the Brochure for the convocating set.

BIA: Being the best graduating student of the year 2017, what were your expectations after school?

Mr Damilare: Smiles… Thank you for this question. The young mind I had then thought I was just going to finish with the convocation and be called into any profession regardless of my course of study; as I graduated with a first class and being the best. And alongside working, I could continue with my education and obtain my 2nd degree. I got to change my orientation because I understood someone who studies a course like mine will have to pursue a postgraduate degree to be at at an advantage.

BIA: What are you doing currently?

Mr Damilare: I am into web designing at present, hoping to start my M.Sc.

BIA: When you graduated, what are the opportunities given to you by the school?

Mr Damilare: All thanks to the school authority who decided to skip calling the overall best graduating student on my day of convoking. As such, no one recognised who he was on the convocation day and nobody reckons with a man without a face! They only called me in to talk about my cash prize which I have not received till now. No other opportunity was tabled.

BIA: What are the things you think you should have done or done better while in school?

Mr Damilare: I should have had a side business to attend to then. I should have created more connects while I was still in school. I should have applied for some professional exams with certificates then while I was still in school.

BIA: What cgpa did you graduate with?

Mr Damilare: I graduated with 4.63.

BIA: Presently, what is your idea of a dream job?

Mr Damilare: Hmmm……My idea of a dream job is a job where you can’t wait to get up early in the morning to start the work of the day, where you are satisfied with every bit of what you do, you are able to persevere even in the face of challenges and the job, as much as you like it, is able to bring enough food to your table and money to your pocket.

BIA: Was Zoology your dream course?

Mr Damilare: It was not actually. I wanted to read medicine and surgery but I didn’t meet the cut off mark.

BIA: What are the plans you have for yourself currently?

Mr Damilare: I mean to finish up with my web developing project. Resuming for my Master’s degree is next year. I could work something out being a website developer. Its one of the skills highly needed. I use that as a skill to help myself for now plus other things too, till I successfully rise to a good position in my professional line.

BIA: Your best inspirational quote?

Mr Damilare: Tough times don’t last but tough people do.

BIA: If you are in a position to advice a 100 level student of a school, which advice would you give?

Mr Damilare: My advice would be to focus on that academics while building oneself on other areas too. There is nothing like education is a scam. It only comes from people whom education is not working for and they don’t see it working for them. And adding other skills to whatever course one is in for, is a plus to being so relevant in the labour world. Just education does not make one relevant in this part of the world, what one’s skills can offer one, with education, cannot be overemphasised.

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  1. Alade Abdulquadri Ademola

    Being a successful person is not only by education, one also as to have other alternative that will help along the line.

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