Interview with Mrs Rukayat Yinka Yahaya (Tamirah Digital)


Arinola be-inspired: Good day our very inspiring audience. My name is OSENI, Islamiat Arinola your regular host on BIA.

On today’s session we have a Fashion Entrepreneur and she is also a digital media consultant.

Kindly introduce yourself ma

Guest: Hello😁….My name is Mrs RUKAYAT YINKA YAHAYA.
A database analyst with B.Sc Computer Science from University Of ILORIN.

They call me a Fashion Entrepreneur & Digital Media Consultant because I am the brain behind @tamirahfabrics, an online store that promotes positively the global acceptance of African prints.
I am also the founder of @tamirahdigital- a platform that helps create unique digital marketing strategies for Small & Medium Enterprises in my community. Through this medium, over 150 SMEs have benefited from the platform.

As a seasoned & passionate speaker, i have spoken in the biggest Tech Conference In North Central, Ilorin Digital Summit, Kwara Central Youth Symposium Organized By Distinguish Senator Ibrahim Yahaya Oloriegbe to mention a few.
I am happily married and blessed with beautiful kids.

Arinola be-inspired: What are the things you did in school besides academics?

Mrs Rukayat Yahaya:

Honestly speaking I was more of an introvert in my 100L & 200L 🙈 but I guess I have always had the ‘ENTREPRENUERSHIP SPIRIT’ because I did egg business in my 300L 😂😅….I think I was in Lagos Hostel then and everybody comes to my room to buy egg.
During the session break which I did In Lagos State, I decided to re-strategize so I went to CHINA MARKET to buy female cloths & Accessories…,it was amazing to see my friends and hostel mates rush my wears when we resumed but the business didn’t go passed 400L first semester because alot of people were owing me and I couldn’t even ask for my payment.

Arinola be-inspired: Did you earn anything from the things you did in school besides academics?

Mrs Rukayat Yahaya:

Well, I decided to loosen up in my 200L second semester (I started interacting more with my course mates) and this action paid off because I saw a massive positive change in my results..,..One thing I learnt from that is that SOCIAL NETWORKING is one of the best things that can happen to you while you are in school, because you see those friends you made will forever be in your life and there will definitely be a time you will need them in future…..
Hence, you don’t have to be super close with every body but try to have a good relationship with everybody ( A nice HELLO-HI goes a long way in future).
My biggest regret is not joining any Community (like ROTARACT, JCI, AISEC e.t.c) while I was in school.
It was after I graduated I saw their positive effects and that’s definitely one thing I will change if I am to be an undergraduate again 😁

Arinola be-inspired:What are the 21st century skills that should be acquired by an undergraduate?

Mrs Rukayat Yahaya:

*TECHNOLOGY LITERACY is mandatory regardless of the course you are studying in the 21st Century.
In The Real World, your IT Skills will give you an edge, you don’t have to be an IT guru but at least learn the basis like Microsoft Word, Power Point and Excel (believe me when I say you will thank me later 😁)

This is not the era to say I am an INTROVERT or I am a SHY Person (please throw those two words out of the window 🙏)…..this is the era of social networking and EI (emotional intelligence) playing a major role in your lives.

You don’t have to own a business to run a ‘Brand’, you are a brand and how you portray yourself especially on social media platforms matters alot.
This is the era to make maximum use of social media platforms to promote yourself in anything you are good at.

it’s time to start learning to think without a box and be proactive.
Your certificate even if you graduate with a 2:1 cannot make you indispensable when you get a job but your skills and proactive level can 💪

Arinola be-inspired:*I can see you’re a digital marketer and Social Entrepreneur, how did you go about learning these skills?

Mrs Rukayat Yahaya: Remember I told you how my business crashed in 400L due to debt….so 1st January, 2018 when I decided to join the Entrepreneurship Gang 😊, I made a vital decision to go DIGITAL (because I know it’s ORDER- PAYMENT- DELIVERY process).
But one thing I knew for sure is i also want my brand to ‘STAND-OUT’ since there are one thousand and one people already into the fabric business before me.
Hence, this motivated me to start taking Digital Marketing Courses just to take my business to the next level.
I started paying for trainings, I bought books on how to take my business to the next phase with digital tools.
I became so much interested in the digital world which prompt me to be an advocate for youths embracing Entrepreneurship and using digital tools to push their careers & businesses because believe me when I say this is actually the antidote to Nigeria Youths unemployment.

Arinola be-inspired:*What has been your greatest achievements so far?

Mrs Rukayat Yahaya: Hmmmmm 🤔….honestly, I have not even gotten to half of where I want to be yet but all I can say is – impacting people positively and using my brand to promote businesses in which they end up getting Customers/Patronage gives me so much fulfillment & Satisfaction 😁

Arinola be-inspired: *What is your best inspirational quote?

Mrs Rukayat Yahaya: Your Challenges Are Part Of Your Success Story, So Embrace Them Because Failure Is Not The Opposite of Success, It’s Part Of Success ✅

Arinola be-inspired: Thank you very much Mrs Rukayat Yahaya. What you have shared with us is Gold. I am indeed inspired to take more action.

Mrs Rukayat Yahaya: You are welcome and I am glad to join in.

To the BIA family, please let’s keep the hope alive. This phase would pass soon and we would rejoice over this pandemic..

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