Interview with Mrs. Peju Adekunle


Arinola Be-Inspired✍🏽: Good day dear BIA family, it’s a pleasure to be here this week. My name is OSENI, Islamiat Arinola, your favourite host on BIA.

Today we are having a great speaker and writer who has used her writings to preach to the world the dangers of sexual violence. She would be introducing herself below.

Can please I introduce yourself ma ?

Mrs. Peju Adekunle: My name is Peju Adekunle. A Talk Show
Host, Author and Public Speaker.

Arinola Be-Inspired✍🏽: Can you please tell us the names of the books you’ve written so far?

Mrs. Peju Adekunle: Thank you.
1) Diary Of A Pregnant Virgin
2) Dating Intentionally
3) Church Girl but Not Stupid
4) Mother in-law. (Anticipate)

Arinola Be-Inspired✍🏽: Okay ma.

Please tell us the inspiration behind Diary of a Pregnant Virgin?

Mrs. Peju Adekunle: The Diary of a Pregnant virgin is a memoir which is based my personal experience. It’s my own little way of creating awareness on the importance of Sex Education. Parents shy away from discussing sex with their children and they end learning about their sexuality from the internet or through friends. In my own case, I didn’t even know where babies come out from till I got to the university.

Arinola Be-Inspired✍🏽: Ma, Would you advice a student to combine academics with other Skills?

If yes, what are the skills ma?

Mrs Peju Adekunle: Yes. I strongly agree that a student should combine both. It’s not going to be an easy ride but it’s going to prepare you for life after school. I activated my Presenting, Selling and Acting skills while in the university.

Combining both with help the student in their entrepreneurial journey and growth.

They can learn public speaking, creative writing, digital skills etc

Arinola Be-Inspired✍🏽: I am positive that there will be a lot to be learnt from your books.

Any website to get all your books?

Mrs Peju Adekunle: It’s available on Okadabooks and

Arinola Be-Inspired✍🏽: What would be your advice to a 100 level student?

Mrs. Peju Adekunle: Understand your “WHY?”
What is your WHY in the university?

One of the greatest regrets was not putting in much energy as an undergraduate. I was busy chasing a boy who was busy chasing his dreams.

Focus on your WHY you are in school. Relationship can follow in your final years. It’s called “Operation Zero Distraction” Lol

Arinola Be-Inspired✍🏽: What is your best inspirational quote ma?

Mrs Peju Adekunle: When the road gets tough, tough gets going.

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