Interview with Mr. Seyi Babalola


Arinola Be Inspired✍🏻: I am OSENI, Islamiat Arinola and I’ll be your host.

Kindly introduce yourself please..

Guest: Hello Arinola.

I am Seyi Babalola, better known as Seyi Babs. I am so many things, and who I need to be per time.

At this time, I am a writer and Author of two published books, with a good number of yet-to-be-published books.

Arinola Be Inspired✍🏻: Wow. That’s amazing. Can you please tell us the name of your published books?

Mr. Seyi Babalola: The first, Cracked Pitcher published in 2015, a novel that talks about high school and the decadent morals of youngs in the society.

The Second, 30 THINGS MA-DA NEVER TAUGHT ME available on Amazon, talks about the jagajaga life that kids in the slums of Nigeria face yet proscribes ways to come out strong not being influenced by that life.

Arinola Be Inspired✍🏻: Are you currently a student or graduate?

Mr. Seyi Babalola: I am currently a Mechanical Engineering undergraduate.

Arinola Be Inspired✍🏻: What Inspires you to write?

Mr. Seyi Babalola: You. Them. Everyone. Everything.

If that sounds too wide, let me slim it down to three sections.

Three things inspire me, but the one that inspires me the most is the first.

  1. PEOPLE.
  2. Places
  3. Experiences and Events.

Arinola Be Inspired: Great. A friend of mine speaks so much about you and sees you as a mentor. Why do you think she feels that way?

Mr. Seyi Babalola: Oh, well. It could be heartbreaking to want to be something, but can’t be. That was how I was. I wanted to write. But Sciences and all other thoughts of the society was limiting me.

I broke free. I’m still breaking free. Hence, this experience formed my pattern of writing. It helped me, my writeups and lifestyle be people-oriented.

I think I’m speaking the mind of your friend when I say, there’s something to my writeups that she can connect with. There’s a nexus. But it’s all glory to God for making me a worthy vessel.

Arinola Be Inspired✍🏻: As a student, what pushes you to do things you do beside Academics?

Mr. Seyi Babalola: Well, what pushes me to do things outside academics is this saying: If it is going to end bad, don’t let it be the five year you spend in college that made it. If it’s going to end good, let it be the years on-campus.

A saying I reckon with. My quote.

Arinola Be Inspired✍🏻: Do you earn from what you do?

Mr. Seyi Babalola: Yes, I earn. I earn from writing.

Arinola Be Inspired✍🏻: How?

Mr. Seyi Babalola: I…

1.) Create contents for Blogs.
2.) Freelance with Upwork
3.) Offer Ghostwriting services.
4.) Have a writing mentorship academy
5.) Edit manuscripts, and proofread
6.) Hold paid writing sessions
7.) Am invited for paid facilitations on writing.
8.) Earn from my book sales.

And lots more.

Arinola Be Inspired✍🏻: Share with us a an inspiring event that happened to you.

Mr. Seyi Babalola: One inspiring event that I will never forget was during my first book launch.

The book was at that time valued at $3, that’s equivalent to 1000 NGN, but people came up the podium to price it down to $0.7, that is around 200 NGN. I nearly cried. I took my books back home im the Ghana-Must-Go bag it was brought to the hall. A hall of over 500 people.

Arinola Be Inspired✍🏻: What is your best inspirational quote?

Mr. Seyi Babalola: “Failure is only a rest point in life. Do not tarry there. You could be arrested for obstruction of traffic flow.”

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