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Arinola(Host): Good day my ready to be inspired audience. I am Oseni Islamiat Arinola. I will be your regular host on this session. On today’s online interview we have a man of high caliber. Kindly introduce yourself sir.While introducing yourself sir we would like you to tell us your school, department, level or year of graduation if graduated.

Guest:I’m Abdulsamod Balogun.I graduated from the University of Ilorin in 2018 with a Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry. Glad to join in.

Arinola: All right sir. Can you tell us the things you did together with studying to earn money?

Mr Abdulsamod: In my first year, I invested time going for some digital marketing trainings and took a number of courses online.

After getting my first certificate with Google, It was the resource that got me freelance writing gigs and social media management roles. It served majorly as my other stream of income in school.

Arinola: Aside the digital marketing trainings you took, did you do anything else?

Mr Abdulsamod: I was also actively involved in Student Unionism or what I call student leadership.

I was first a Deputy Speaker at my departmental parliament, then PRO for my Faculty, and finally a Senator at the Union level.

All of these were also gulping a bulk of my time.

Arinola: Can you please tell us how you were able to balance academics with other things?

Mr Abdulsamod: It was pretty challenging at first until I settled in to understand my work flow and schedule more.

I know when my lectures end, I know when to dedicate to my other roles.

Another thing that helped me is that, the kind of roles/jobs I took could be prepared before hand and automated.

It was an interesting experience.

Arinola: Were your academics affected in any way sir?

Mr Abdulsamod: Yes. At first, it was.
It affected during my first year a whole lot. Then moderately in my third year.

But all in all, things worked out.

Arinola: Were your parents aware that you were engaged in other things aside academics? Did they give their consent?

Mr Abdulsamod: They didn’t know exactly. But I guess they believed I would not get myself into anything shady or illegitimate so I pretty much had the freedom of association.

And a whole lot of students enjoy this privilege till date.

Arinola: Everything you engaged in while schooling did they help you one way or the other after school?

Mr Abdulsamod: Yes they are helping me.

I learnt the basics of everything I’m doing presently on campus. I invested in capacity development aggressively.

Now, I’m basically building advanced proficiency in all of these skills I learnt from campus.

I have nurtured rewarding relationships and made great connections via my association with student leadership as well.

All of these has made my journey into Digital Communications interesting…

Arinola:What are you doing currently (career wise)?

Mr Abdulsamod: I am deep in Digital Communications (Digital Marketing, Strategy and PR).

Arinola: Have you ever volunteered at any organization?

Mr Abdulsamod: Ah!

I volunteered at a lot of organizations.

Arinola: Laughs…Can you please state some of them?

Mr Abdulsamod: The first big push I got was with Abideen Olasupo. I wanted to volunteer to join Brain Builders International so a friend gave me his contact.

Because the organization was not recruiting at that time, my request was turned down.

I waived it off by getting involved with different organizations for different programmes.

I have volunteered with One African Child, SDGs Act Africa, 9ja Mentors Project, The Ambassadors Summit, AIESEC Nigeria,, etc

Now I work with Abideen Olasupo Directly.

Arinola:Wow that’s a lot.Who is Abideen Olasupo?

Mr Abdulsamod: He’s the Executive Director, Brain Builders International, a leading Youth led non governmental organization in Kwara state. He also has a list of businesses to his name.

He leads Opab Gas, Opab Global consults, Soup for me, fast ride etc.

He’s an all-round change maker.

Arinola: Do you enjoy what you do?

Mr Abdulsamod: I very much enjoy what I do. I manage different projects from time to time giving a fresh dose of different fields.

Arinola:What are the things you will advice students to engage themselves in that could earn them money while in school?

Mr Abdulsamod: Well,

The campus is a place to start building customer base for any student entrepreneur. If you have a business idea, it’s just perfect to launch on a small scale on campus. That can fetch you some money.

But with the world being revolutionized by Digital, students need to tap into this expanse land of opportunities.

With the right skills, you can make extra cash by freelancing remotely. You can take up content writing gigs, copy writing gigs, social media management gigs and so on.

The list is endless.

Arinola: Any words of advice or an inspirational message do you have for students to get them inspired and also want to do more?

Mr Abdulsamod: We’re fast moving into the fourth industrial revolution. Your certificate is never enough. Now, It’s more about what you can do rather than what did you study.

Nobody will have thought I will want to make something out of Digital marketing because typically you’ll probably expect only art students to be in that field.

Skills trump certificates. This is not to say students should not chase and get first class degrees. What’s important is that they don’t spend their whole time living a triangle life – from home to class to library.

You’ll be missing out on all campus and life has to offer.

And hardwork trumps talent if talent doesn’t work hard.

Arinola: Wow, i am inspired. What is your best inspirational quote?

Mr Abdulsamod: “Be Faithful in small things, because it’s in them that your strength lies” – Mother Theresa.

Arinola: With this we have come to the end  of the interview. Thanks for honoring our invite sir.

Mr Abdulsamod: Glad to have been invited too.

Arinola: To my audience I hope you were inspired today and I would love it if you can state the lesson learnt and what really inspired you in the interview with Mr Abdulsamod Balogun. Leave your comments in the comment session below. I love feedbacks.

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