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Arinola be-inspired: I’m Oseni Islamiat Arinola. A biochemistry student of the University of Ilorin and host at Be Inspired With Arinola. Can you please introduce yourself in details ma?

Guest: My name is Rafiat Atanda. On paper, I work as a Communications Officer for a leading financial institution in Nigeria. Overall, I am a passionate lady who seeks to inspire greatness in herself and people around her.

Arinola be-inspired: What are you doing currently?

Miss Rafiat Atanda: I am currently in the corporate world where I ensure to give the brand I work with a facelift through bespoke content, activations, social media campaigns and so on. Aside being a 9-5er, I am a freelance presenter/host, volunteer and advocate.

Arinola be-inspired: *Which school did you graduate from and course studied?

Miss Rafiat Atanda: I studied English Language from the Lagos State University.

Arinola be-inspired: *What advise would you give someone who is confused on how to focus on a career?

Miss Rafiat Atanda: My advise to this person who is confused on how to focus on their career is to constantly check their “why” for treading that career path in the first place. We live in an unpredictable world hallmarked by distractions and distorted realities. These elements, if not properly managed, can make anyone who doesn’t always reminisce on their “why”, that is, the reason(s) for embarking on a particular thing to begin to second-guess themselves. Inadequacy sets in and they feel they aren’t enough, just because some people have beautifully presented “lies” to them. Life is not a bed of roses, so don’t let the half-truths you see around you confuse you or make you lose focus on your career. Always reminisce on your “why”; trust the process, constantly upskill, move with a circle of power that will help you stay on track and ultimately, pray to the Almighty. In the end, you want to have lived a life full of joy, happiness and fulfillment.

Arinola be-inspired: *As a graduate, we all know It’s the norm in Nigeria not to get a job even with a certificate, what advise will you give to an undergraduate that could help them securing a good job after school?

Miss Rafiat Atanda: Academics is good, being a scholar is great. But beyond these, what more are you grooming yourself with as an undergraduate? The tertiary institution is not just a place to get you certified; it is equally designed to give you an all-round education. What this means, is that, you should go beyond the four walls of your classroom to exploring people, places and other possibilities that the institution has got to offer. For instance, you can participate in politics, do extra curricular activities (debate, essay writing, etc), volunteer for events/organizations, apply for internships and scholarships, etc. By doing these, you equip yourself with a strong bargaining power that gives your CV an edge, sharpen your communication cum critical thinking skills, mould your character and attitude to life as well as help you get the job even when others lament there are none. Plus, you get to network with professionals who will give you insight or might even recommend you for a job.
The job I currently do is one I secured after an internship program with same organisation. To the glory of God, I started almost immediately after service. There are jobs, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Very importantly, position yourself with the aforementioned and viola, you have a job.

Arinola be-inspired: *Would you advise a 100 level student to participate in school politics?

Miss Rafiat Atanda: No, I would not. The student should focus on academics, acclimatise himself to the school environment and have a great start.

Arinola be-inspired: *As an event host and presenter, what are the tips you would give an upcoming like me?

Miss Rafiat Atanda: A lot of people want to become event host/presenter but are primarily faced with low self-confidence. To help them win this, I recommend what I refer to as “The 3 Rs”
1. Research: You can’t possibly host an event without a workable knowledge of the event. People are there just so you could educate, entertain and inspire them. You can’t afford to rattle on words. Do your homework, research!
2. Rehearse: Even the world best magicians do some rehearsals before coming to mesmerise everyone on stage. Don’t think any differently, too, rehearse before you mount the stage. As an individual, I usually practice with the mirror. Because it’s a reflection of who I am, I get to see it all, make jest of myself when necessary and literally repeat words till I get them correctly. Also, I rehearse with my siblings and friends, imitate renowned speakers and broadcasters as well as talk to myself (please be mindful of the last bit, so people around you don’t begin to think otherwise)
3. Reflect: it’s vitally important that you anticipate the kind of reaction you want from your audience. This reflection should determine your choice of words, body language and delivery. Besides, reflection puts you in a position to not just talk but also connect; while inspiring greatness in others.

In all, stay true to yourself. I pride myself as a #HijabiPresenter who has successfully hosted a number of high-class events. It’s not been easy doing this, considering I wear the hijab- something a lot of people don’t see as “normal”. However, I don’t think being uniquely different should deter anyone from nurturing dreams and becoming a better version of themselves. So, I constantly grow myself and seek opportunities that will aid the growth. Don’t let people define “normalcy” to you; own your truth, dare to be different and the world will adjust to your terms.

Arinola be-inspired: *Your best inspirational quote ma?

Miss Rafiat Atanda: “A candle loses nothing when it lights other candles”.

Arinola be-inspired: To our fans , I would like to say a big thank you for reaching out always. Your comments are appreciated. Please note , that you can always suggest a guest anytime and we would appreciate if you do.

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  1. Well done my Rafiat! I am proud of you as I have always been right from your days as my student @Sarri-Iganmu senior secondary. I am looking forward to be among the audience @ an event you will anchor with President of the United States, P.M of UK, Germany etc in attendance. You a blessing to your Generation! And to you, Ariola,you are one-in-a-million.Keep the good work going.The Galaxies surely is your starting point of GREATNESS

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