Interview with Miss curvy Nigeria Tourism


Arinola Be Inspired✍🏻: I am OSENI Islamiat Arinola, your regular host at Be Inspired with Arinola.

This week our guest is a very beautiful and impactful lady per excellence. She has rock the world of pageants and also she has given back to the society in one way or another.

Arinola Be Inspired✍🏻: Ma, Can you please introduce yourself in details to us?

Guest: My name is Queen Nimat
Founder of Evergreen Global initiative for youth and women developmet and I work at Brisktrade.

Arinola Be Inspired✍🏻: Ok ma. Are you from a royal family? This is because of the queen added to your name.

Miss Nimat: I am from a royal family and I won a beauty contest in 2015 ( miss curvy Nigeria tourism)

Arinola be-inspired✍🏻: Great ma, you’re also into pageants?

Miss Nimat: Yes I am😊😊

Arinola be-inspired✍🏻: When did you win Miss Curvy Nigeria Tourism?

Miss Nimat: It was 2015-2017, My reign lasted 2 years due to the fact that they didn’t do any in 2016 because the CEO of the brand relocated to Germany and she was trying to get settled

Arinola Be Inspired✍🏻: What is Evergreen Global Initiatives all about?

Miss Nimat: Major we advocate against drug abuse amongst youths and teenagers via any means

Arinola Be Inspired✍🏻: Ma, What advice would you give to a 100 level student who is confused about choosing a career?

Miss Nimat: My advice to them is : Be yourself and go for whatever you are passionate about . Because when challenges arise , it’s your passion for that chosen career that will fuel you .

Arinola Be Inspired✍🏻: *What are the projects you’ve done to fight against drug abuse amongst youth and teenagers?

Miss Nimat: We have done countless campaigns abd sensitization in 12 states so far , we have organized several youth empowerment programs
and we have not stopped, because it has to be a continuous event of constantly reminding people of the dangers associated with drug abuse.

Arinola Be Inspired✍🏻: *Ma, What are the challenges you faced when contesting for the miss curvy Nigeria tourism?

Miss Nimat: My father wasn’t in support at all and that was the only challenge.

Arinola Be Inspired✍🏻: Why ma?

Miss Nimat: He shuns social life.

Arinola Be Inspired✍🏻: Your best inspirational quote ma?

Miss Nimat: Who broke go still rich , nah who die no go wake .

Arinola be-inspired✍🏻: Thank you for your time ma, we really appreciate it.

Miss Nimat: You’re welcome and thanks for the invite as well.




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