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Arinola be-inspired: Good day my ready to be Inspired Audience. I am OSENI, Islamiat Arinola , your regular host on Be Inspired with Arinola.

On today’s session we have Mr. Makinde Azeez, the CEO of He is one of the most respected Blogger in Nigeria and also a mentor to the most youths out there.

Kindly take a seat while he takes us through his journey.

Guest:  I am Mr. Makinde Azeez Akanni, the Chief Executive Officer of I am 30 years Old. I clocked 30 December 10, 2019 . I am from a family of 2 and also from Eti-Osa Lagos, Nigeria. I am married with a daughter.

I think that’s enough 😁.

Arinola be-inspired: Yes. That’s enough sir😁.

How did you find Your passion for blogging, how did it start?

Mr. Makinde Azeez: In 2009, As a fresh secondary school graduate I had all the luxury of time for myself. I graduated from Secondary school in 2007 and got admitted into Lagos State Polytechnic.

I understood that information around the Nigerian Music market is not widely disseminated then I was a student of Computer College where I was actually learning web designing and all.

I had all the time I needed then I thought ‘why can’t I fill this gap?’ after all I have all the basic design knowledge to set up my own website.  Then I designed a very simple website and I was lucky enough to get some information at my disposal. The response I got from the website gave me the green light and inspired me to take blogging to the next level.

When we started getting a lot of responses then we got to know that people loved it then I started improving it. When I started, it was myself alone, i didn’t have it team, I did all I could little by little to improve the website.

After that, I worked on content people loved the most and then i found out it was Technology. I became very aggressive towards the particular content.

Fast forward to 2012, I noticed that the Nigerian youths were focusing more on music also then we diverted our attention into music too. We were able to build a very very huge fan base in music and that was how the started back then.

Arinola be-inspired: wow. This is inspiring.

Sir, Some of my friends know a lot about Naijaloaded and they see you as a mentor, They are always like ‘I want to be like Makinde Azeez someday’ What do you have for them sir, something like an inspirational message?

Mr. Makinde Azeez: For me, I think they should not let anything hinder their dream because Makinde is already doing it does not mean you should not give it a shot too.

I use to tell people that if Kiss Daniel was afraid or was not strong enough he would not have become one of Nigeria’s Top Artist today because sometimes the people up there can make you pack your dreams under the seat and let it go because you believe they have attained too much height and you’re not strong enough or capable enough to become their competitor.

Anybody that wants to be successful should not look at those at the top but should look at his or herself and should be able to identify what you can bring to the table then build your fan base and have your followers too.

Arinola be-inspired: Mr. Makinde I must confess that this is one of the eye opening and enlightening session I have had. It is so inspiring.

One last question sir.

What is your best Inspirational quote?

Mr. Makinde Azeez: Never forget the days of humble beginning.

I think it’s one of the things that keeps me going and striving to do more.

Arinola be-inspired: Thank you so much Mr. Makinde. This is the end of the interview. Thank you for honoring our invite.

Mr. Makinde Azeez: You are welcome Arinola, Pleased to join in.


To our Audience, Thank you for making it a date with us, I hope you get inspired by Mr. Makinde and learn from him. This is one of my best so far, i hope it’s same for you. See you next week.

Kindly drop your comments in the comments session. Thank you.

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