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Arinola Be Inspired✍🏻: Hello our always inspiring audience. I am OSENI, Islamiat Arinola popularly known as Arinola be-inspired. I am your regular host on Be Inspired with Arinola.

On today’s session our guest is a youth leader, a doer and an impact maker.

Can you  please introduce yourself in details sir?

Guest: I am Adejuwon Jude ‘Feranmi Kolawole and the Executive Director of ToBuildANation and Founder of the Raising New Voices Initiative. I was formerly National Youth Caucus Leader of KOWA PARTY, Nigeria’s most youth-inclusive political party and left due majorly to the party’s membership of the CUPP coalition which included PDP, and a breakaway faction of the ruling APC.

I like to introduce myself as a community organizer both in and out of politics, helping to organize a new generation of Nigerians who care about and are affected by the same issues especially in the area of Technology and Political participation. I am also the cofounder of Founding Networks which is a policy and project consultancy on Technology and Innovation.


Arinola Be Inspired✍🏻: *Sir, You belong to a lot of organizations how do you cope with balancing them?

Mr Jude Feranmi: I think it’s important to state that while I am involved with may organisations, I do not ‘belong’ to so many organisations. Any organisation whose objectives are clearly aligned with mine are organisations anyone might see me volunteering for or partnering with. Majorly, I am actively participating in three organisations – To Build A Nation as a movement, Raising New Voices as a channel for grooming young leaders and Founding Networks which is my company.

Arinola Be Inspired✍🏻: *Being a youth leader, will you advice an undergraduate to get involved in politics?

Mr Jude Feranmi: Absolutely! Again, when people hear getting involved in politics, they immediately think running for office or getting involved in political parties. While I would still advise any young undergraduate to do that, i think that definition limits what political participation is.

Our society is governed in a certain way… when anyone chooses to be involved in influencing ‘how’ that governance is carried out, then that’s political participation. So getting involved in holding government accountable for the budget is political participation. Making suggestions or demands on how the sanitation of the streets is being conducted is political participation.

Because our country is increasingly being youthful, every policy that is made affects young people even more than any other demography. If the young people that are being affected are not interested in the politics of those decisions, then you can expect things to get worse and that is why young people should absolutely get involved in politics.

Arinola Be Inspired✍🏻: *Sir, Can you please address the issue of unemployment in Nigeria most especially unemployment among graduates?

Mr Jude Feranmi: This is one of the most important issues of this current generation. It does not immediately appear to any observer that the government has an holistic plan towards solving the issue of increasing unemployment in Nigeria and asides from the fact that the government does not seem to have a plan, the current policies being made are stiffling growth for the private sector which is the primary creator of jobs.

When it increasingly becomes difficult for graduates to get employed, all manner of ills in society will begin to emerge and that in itself is a recipe for chaos. This is one of the issues I mentioned earlier that young people need to get involved in politically. There’s no reason why the large body of undergraduates in the country who do not have any hope of getting jobs after graduating, should not have a demand from the government on the issue of job creation or policies that hinder job creation.

Teamarh: *sir, we all know every journey begins with a step, how and when did you start your journey of being a youth leader?

Mr Jude Feranmi: This was way back in my undergraduate days. I was a three time senator in the students’ parliament in Obafemi Awolowo University, ran for Senate President at some point and lost the bid and then became PRO of the electoral commission later on. I then joined KOWA Party after my university days and ran for the role of the youth leader and the rest is history … 🙂

Arinola Be Inspired✍🏻: *Sir, What are the 21st century skill’s that are needed as an Undergraduate?

Mr Jude Feranmi: Well, as an undergraduate in Nigeria, the skills that are globally relevant today and also necessary for the labour market for students when they graduate are largely digital skills that I must say I don’t believe are being taught or at the least taught properly in our universities.

The 4th Industrial Revolution is already the basis of all future economic and commercial activity, but our university curriculum is still locked in the past. Against this backdrop, the most important skill for a Nigerian student therefore is the ability to self-learn.

There are various open source platforms for the acquisition of knowledge or a skill. The ability to then teach oneself a skill or acquire knowledge in a field is very important for the student to be able to compete favorably in the labor market and compete globally.

Arinola Be Inspired✍🏻: *Can you please share with us some of these platforms where students can acquire knowledge or skills?

Mr Jude Feranmi: Youtube –
Udemy –
Coursera –
Harvard –

Arinola Be-inspired: Thank you for honoring our invite sir.

Mr Jude Feranmi: You are welcome anytime.


Arinola Be-inspired: To our ever supportive and inspiring audience. We are back from our break to serve you more and better. Thank you for an amazing 2019. Cheers to a greater, better, inspiring and impactful 2020.

As you know always, I love feedbacks. Kindly leave one in the comment session. See you next week Wednesday. You’re loved.


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