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Interview - Optimist Gists

Optimist: What is your full name?

 Host: Oseni Islamiat Arinola

(Oseni Islamist Arinola is in charge of Being Inspired with Arinola)

Optimist: Where are you from?

Host: Kwara State, Ilorin to be precise

Optimist: Good.
What was your inspiration for Be Inspired with Arinola

Host: The inspiration behind Be Inspired with Arinola was about how the unemployment rate of graduates increases every year when we can actually venture into something else that can make us a boss even before graduating. The aim of Be Inspired with Arinola is to inspire students, to trigger them to do more. To let them know dy/ dx is not enough. Your certificate is never enough

It’ll be so sad after 4 years and more at the university, u only have your certificate and nothing else to offer. Be Inspired with Arinola is here to introduce you to the new world

Optimist: Hmm, That’s good.
 Since you started, what are the challenges you’ve been facing, or you faced and how are you overcoming those challenges?

Host: The challenges I have faced so far is to get people to interview but Alhamdullilah we’re progressing.

Optimist: Good to hear
 What is your advice for upcoming entrepreneur?

 Host: I don’t think I have an answer to this. I am also an upcoming but I would say keep pushing, continue to do what you love doing, it’ll pay some day
 *perfect answer

Optimist: As an inspirer, if you are in the position to create job and reduce unemployment, what will you do?

 Host: I’ll love to venture into entrepreneur but instead i would rather teach people how to start up their own business with little money and they can also end up teaching and employing more people

Optimist: Good to hear ma,
Thank you for your time.

Source: Optimist Gists

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