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Arinola be-inspired: I am Oseni Islamiat Arinola, your regular host on Be Inspired with Arinola. On the session today we have a CEO. Kindly introduce yourself sir.

Guest: I’m Adeare Ismahil Tiamiyu, The CEO and Editor-in-Chief, Insight Multi-Links Media.

I’m graduate of the prestigious Better by Far Institution, University of Ilorin, where I studied Plant Biology and graduated in 2017. During my school days, I was mostly known as Senator Brainbox.

Arinola: *Can you please tell us what you did together with academics to earn money?

Mr Ismail:In my first two years, I wasn’t doing anything tangible to make money all I was into was Non Governmental Organization, called Peak Focus Initiatives where I was the Secretary General before becoming the Executive Director. But during the long holiday to enter 300L, I followed a friend to a printing press in Osogbo and I fell in love with the equipment, technicality and the whole process of printing. I told my mum who was expecting to join her in Ondo town that I would not be coming again because I wanted to learn printing. The rest, they say is history. But that was how  I became an entrepreneur on campus.

Arinola: *Can you please tell us how you were able to balance academics and work?

Mr Ismail: Before I started printing works, I was a student unionist, right from my 100L days or even pre-university days. So combining the two was easy. I ensure I had a time-table for everything I want to do. Time to play, time to work on laptop to design or go to Taiwo Oke to print and time to study never clashed. It was all about priorities. Every moment is for something that must be achieved. Even, time to watch football match would be sacrosanct.

Arinola: *Were your parents aware that you work while schooling?

Mr Ismail: Yes. They were but they didn’t see it as anything special. They saw it as part of the schooling.

Arinola: Do you enjoy what you do?

Mr Ismail: So much. That was what led me to what I’m doing today.

Arinola: What message do you have for students to get them inspired and also want to be like you?

Mr Ismail: My message for students is to distinguish course of study and career. What you want to venture into is your career and not solely determined by your course of study. Many students get confused while in school. They think their lives is dependent on their course of study. Talents and passion, most times, define your career. Don’t over concentrate on your course and lose concentration on your life. More so, acquire skills while in school, it helps a lot.

Arinola: Any words of advise probably an inspirational message?

Mr Ismail: Be focused and determined. Never look down on people.

Arinola: There are students that are clueless about what to do or how to choose a career, what advice would you give ?

Mr Ismail:Your career is what you like doing and do effortlessly. Many courses in universities today do not have relative careers outside University circle as Nigerian system doesn’t support them. More so, I believe everyone is endowed with one talent or the other, ask yourself, what am I good at? What’s that thing that I can do over and over without stress? What’s that thing that I do with joy? That’s where your career lies.

Arinola: *What are the common things you’ll advice students to engage him that would earn them money aside academics?

Mr Ismail: Entrepreneurship. Most especially in fashion and ICT. Those two are very important. They control University economy.

Arinola: Can you please tell us some of your struggle story that can get us inspired?

Mr Ismail: During my days as an undergraduate, I told some of my colleagues that I would not do my three months SIWES in a small company. I said I would do it in Okomu Oil Palm Plc, Benin City, Edo State. I said I knew nobody there, but that’s where I would do it. They didn’t believe me. But at last I left Kwara, Oyo, Osun and Ondo and went to Okomu for three months SIWES. For clarification, Okomu was the second Palm oil producing company in Nigeria (now the first) and the largest rubber plantation in the country.

After that, I said within myself that I would serve in the National Assembly in Abuja as a youth corps member. Then, I had not even been to Kogi not alone Abuja. After several efforts, I didn’t not only serve in NASS but I served as the President of over 400 corps members. It all boiled down to determination.

Arinola: *How did you start multi-links media?

Mr Ismail:I started it in 2017 during my final lap as a student. I started with lithographic work. I was using my influence as a student unionist to get souvenir contracts from my colleagues who were President of departments and faculties. During the election that produced Adebisi Ridwan (Reedof) as the President of the Students Union in UNILORIN, I made more that 50k from printing of banners and stickers for those contesting across all faculties. Remember, I started with ZERO NAIRA. From the money I made, I opened the website, During the administration of Olasupo Abideen Opeyemi, he organised an entrepreneurship training where I learned web designing and right from my secondary school days, I had developed interest in news writing, to the extent that I was named AKOROYIN. So I combined the three skills. Today, the company is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission, has staff and office in Osogbo. Although, we are looking towards having branches in Abuja,  Ilorin and Benin City in the nearest future.

Arinola: Your best inspirational quote?

Mr Ismail:”Successful people did not attain their success overnight, it is a product of determination, focus and dedication.” – Brainbox 2014

To every fan of BIA,  I say a very big thank you for all the words of encouragement. Please keep dropping your comments in the comment session.

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