Interview with best graduating student of the faculty of life sciences, University of Ilorin


Arinola be-inspired: I’m Oseni Islamiat Arinola your regular host on Be inspired with Arinola.  On the session today we have the latest scholar of life sciences.
Kindly introduce yourself sir.While introducing yourself ma we would like you to tell us your school, department, level or year of graduation if graduaged.
Guest: My name is Adegoke Abdulhafeez Adekunle. I am the 2019 best graduating student of the faculty of life sciences from the department of microbiology in the University of Ilorin and a native of kwara state.

Arinola be-inspired: Can you please tell us a little about your family?
Mr Abdulhafeez: I am from a family of 5. I am the last born. I have an elder brother and sister. My siblings are important role models for me as well as my parents.
 Arinola be-inspired: How many attempts do you make before gaining admission into the university of Ilorin?
Mr Abdulhafeez: I made one attempt.
Arinola be-inspired:  Was microbiology your choice?
Mr Abdulhafeez: No, it wasn’t. I have, however, enjoyed my journey into the exciting world of microbiology.
Arinola be-inspired: What cgpa are you graduating with?

Mr Abdulhafeez: 4.93
Arinola be-inspired: This is a great achievement, Being the best graduating student of the faculty of life sciences, university of Ilorin. How do you feel?
Mr Abdulhafeez: I feel happy and proud of myself. I wouldn’t have achieved it without God and my family. So, I very much grateful to them for this success.
Arinola be-inspired: What were your expectations when you got admitted?

Mr Abdulhafeez: I was expecting a serene environment for school activities and I wasn’t disappointed.
Arinola be-inspired: The first year is said to be the most basic year and forming stage at the institution, how did your 100level go?
Mr Abdulhafeez: Yes, it is. I worked vehemently in 100 level to get a good CGPA because it will serve as a foundation in building a good CGPA in the final stages of programme.
Arinola be-inspired: The usual belief is you can’t concentrate on two things at the same time, As a scholar what other things did you engage in?
Mr Abdulhafeez: No, I don’t subscribe to that belief. With discipline and time management, one should be to participate in academics and other activities that are not related to academics. I have also witnessed some scholars who did that effectively.I was actually financially free in school, so I didn’t have to work extra hard to make ends meet. However,I participated in sports and attended some lectures at the auditorium.
Arinola be-inspired: What were your challenges as regard the school and your eventualeventuals success?
Mr Abdulhafeez: I am grateful to God for his protection. However, I didn’t have any difficult challenge during the course of my programme.
Arinola be-inspired: How did you study? Can you please tell us a little about your study habits?

Mr Abdulhafeez: I did night classes after lectures from 8pm to 12pm. I actually preferred reading during weekends. I would wake up early and read till the evening. With this pattern, I was able read and understand what I was taught.
Arinola be-inspired: Have you ever failed at any point in time or has it always been a smooth sail for you ever since you got admitted into the institution?
Mr Abdulhafeez: There was a time that a mistake was made in my results. I struggled until I got the mistake corrected. My final year project work was also very challenging at some point, I spent a lot money and still I didn’t get the desired result. Alhamdulilah, despite the struggle during my project work, it was a success.
Arinola be-inspired: Did you socialize at all?

Mr Abdulhafeez: Sometimes. But it doesn’t happen very often
Arinola be-inspired: Do you think its possible to combine academics with money making or socializing and still achieve this feat?
Mr Abdulhafeez: Yes. Absolutely. Time management and discipline are important.
Arinola be-inspired: Your advice to students out there?
Mr Abdulhafeez: Be focused. Be motivated. Listen to your parents. Let your future be Happy with the past by the actions of the present.
Arinola be-inspired: After graduation, what next sir?
Mr Abdulhafeez: I will strive to be a better person in umpteen spheres of Life.
Arinola be-inspired: How do your parents feel about this success?
Mr Abdulhafeez: They feel very proud of me.
Arinola be-inspired: Congratulations on your convocation.
Mr Abdulhafeez: Thanks a lot ma’am.

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