Interview with Ajagbe Ayodeji David


Arinola Be Inspired (host): I’m Oseni Islamiat Arinola. I’ll be your host on today session of Be inspired with Arinola. Kindly introduce yourself sir. While introducing yourself sir we would like you to tell us your school, department, level or year of graduation if graduated.

Guest: My name is Ajagbe Ayodeji David, also known as Timmy Turner.I am a student of the University Of Ilorin, department of Plant Biology. I’m currently in 300L.

Arinola Be Inspired : *What are the things you do together with studying to earn money?

Mr David: Writing and Blogging are the petty jobs I engage myself in and it really pays without disturbing education at all.

Arinola Be Inspired: Writing? That’s interesting. Can you please tell us what you’ve written so far?

Mr David: Currently, I’ve written five books which are available in soft copies. I am the author of
Meant To Be
Reasons To Live
Sad Love Story
Seven Commandments Of Friendship
High School Lovers and hundreds of articles/blog posts.

Arinola Be Inspired:  *Can you please tell us how you were able to balance academics with working?

Mr David:  To be honest, Writing and Blogging are easy things which doesn’t really require much efforts. I write whenever I get the inspiration and I blog mostly in the evening/nights when I’m done for the day.

Although I have people working for me which makes the work more easier for me.

Arinola Be Inspired:  *Are your academics affected in any way at all?

Mr David: Yeah and that was in 1st semester, 100L.

I’ve been Blogging and Writing before I got admitted into the University Of Ilorin so I thought I could do the same things I did at home in school too. My first semester results weren’t so good.

Arinola Be Inspired:  *Are your results OK now?

Mr David: Yes, Alhamdulilah 🙏🏽😊

Arinola Be Inspired :*Are your parents aware that you are involved in something else aside academics in school? Did they give their consent .

Mr David: Yes, they are aware. My Dad have been supporting my career ever since my primary school days. He’d always call me “Young Shoyinka”

Arinola Be Inspired : *Have you made any connections since you started writing and are they helping you?

Mr David: Yes, and they’ve been of great help to me

Arinola Be Inspired: *Do you enjoy what you do?

Mr David: Yes, writing particularly, gives me more joy.

Arinola Be Inspired: *What are the things you’ll advice students to engage in that could be of benefit to them and could also earn them Money?

Mr David: Most students now believe that the so called “yahoo yahoo” is the best thing to engage in and it saddens me a lot. Youths engaging in cybercrime isn’t the best thing to do. It is a disgrace to our nation. I find it disgracing sometimes to say that I am a Nigerian because of it.

Rather I’ll advice students to engage in legit works. Works that won’t bring along harassment from police or SARS officers. And there are really lots of legit works to engage in.

Arinola Be Inspired: Legit works like?

Mr David: Blogging
Content creator
Digital marketing and PR
Brand Ambassador
Just to mention a few

Arinola Be Inspired : *Have you ever volunteered for any organization?

Mr David: Yes, I am currently working as a Campus Ambassador for GATE Initiative, Unilorin Campus and I’m hoping to work as a Campus Ambassador for Zenith Bank too on Campus.

Arinola Be Inspired :*What is your best inspirational quote?

Mr David: Be Inspired!

Arinola Be Inspired: Thanks Mr David for joining us.

Mr David: I’m glad I joined in

Arinola be inspired: Dear Readers, thanks so much for the words of encouragement and feedbacks and I’m glad you are getting inspired with this interview session. As always, Kindly drop a feedback in the comment session, I love you.

……to inspire and getting inspired.


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