Interview with 8 years old Ariyike photographer


BIA: Can you please introduce yourself?

Ariyike: My name is Ariyike Moyinoluwa Oluwaseun. I am from Iludun Ekiti, Ekiti State. I am 8years old. I am in primary 4. The name of my school is Cedarcreek Schools Egbeda. I am from a family of 4, Father, Mother, My sister and myself.

BIA: How did you come about photography ?

Ariyike: I come about photography as a family thing. My parents and grand mother are photographers

BIA: What’s the motivation behind your photography skill at your little age?

Ariyike: My motivation are my parents who are both photographers.

BIA: When and how was your first official event?

Ariyike: My first official event was a children birthday Christmas party somewhere in Lekki. It was interesting and I had fun taking wonderful pictures there.

BIA: When did you start taking photographs?

Ariyike: I started playing around with a toy camera at the age of 2 and started taking pictures professionally at the age of 4.

BIA: What is your brand name?


BIA: Any future ambition or career aside photography?

Ariyike: The only future ambition I have is to become one of the best photographers in the world soon.

BIA: How do you strike a balance between your academics and photography?

Ariyike: Stricking a balance between Academics and Photography is made easy with the help of my family who always support me in my business.

BIA:Aside photography, what other skill do you have?

Ariyike: I play keyboard. I swim. I’m also currently learning how to plait hair from my little sister.

BIA: Since you ventured into photography, what are the challenges you’ve faced?

Ariyike: The basic challenge I faced was people pushing me aside at events because I am too small. Things has changed now. Everybody now knows me so that is no more a challenge.

BIA: Can you please tell us some of your numerous achievements since you ventured into photography?

Ariyike: I have won several notable awards among which are NIGERIAN CHILD SUMMIT AWARD for ARTS AND CREATIVE PERSONALITY OF THE YEAR 2018, KIDPRENEUR AMBASSADOR AWARD 2018, DREAM BIG OUTREACH RECOGNITION AWARD 2017, AMAZON AWARD OF GREATNESS 2107, CRIME REPORTERS ASSOCIATION AWARD for KID INSPIRATION OF THE YEAR 2019 among many others. I have also been able to meet lots of notable personalities

BIA: Who is/are your role model(s)?

Ariyike: My role models are my parents. Nothing excites me like seeing them together especially when they are working together.

BIA: Where do you think you’ll be in 20 years from now?

Ariyike: Definitely being one of the best photographer and cinematographer the world has ever seen. I also hope to have the biggest photography studio in the world and also be able to train people photography free and give the less privileged free cameras so they too can be successful like me

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