Best Graduating student from faculty of pharmacy OAU

Arinola be-inspired:  Hello. How are you doing? I am OSENI, Islamiat Arinola, your regular host at Be Inspired with Arinola.

On today’s session we have someone who graduated with style and also the best Graduating student in a class of 100 and also received 2 awards for being the best graduating student from pharmacy.

Kindly introduce yourself sir?

Guest: I’m Don-Pedro Ume… Most of my friends call me Pedro. I’m from Anambra state, and the first of 5 kids.

Arinola be-inspired: What cgpa are you graduating with?

Mr Don-Pedro: I am.graduating with the cummulative grade index of 4.822 out of 5.0.

I have been inducted into the Noble Pharmacy profession and also handed Pharmacist Council of Nigeria(PCN) Award for the best graduating pharmacy student, Obafemi Awolowo University, 2018/19 session. I also bagged the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria- Young Pharmacist Group (PSN-YSG) Award of Academic Excellence for the Overall best graduating pharmacy student.

Arinola be-inspired: This is a huge feat. How were you able to achieve this?

Mr Don-Pedro: Consistency and Time management were two things that really helped me. Also, I understood myself and knew what worked for me, e.g. when I could study better, and I tried to maximize those periods well.

Arinola be-inspired: Did you attend parties and dinners through out your stay in the University?

Mr Don – Pedro: Yes, I did attend parties while in school, and I tried to maintain a balance between my social life and academics…

Arinola be-inspired: How do you feel concerning your recent feat?

Mr Don-Pedro: I feel great actually. And I thank God for making this a reality.

Arinola be-inspired: Your parents too. How do they feel?

Mr Don-Pedro: My parents are equally proud of me, and I’m glad I could put a smile on their faces.

Arinola be-inspired: What is the next plan after this?

Mr Don-Pedro: Well, I plan on doing my internship soon. After that, I’d figure out what next I’d like to do.

Arinola be-inspired: Your best inspirational quote?

Mr Don Pedro: It’s okay if your next step is a misstep. In all, rise and make progress.

Arinola be-inspired: Thank you for honoring our invite sir. We are glad to have you.

Mr Don-Pedro: The pleasure is mine and Thank you.


To the BIA family, please try as much as possible to stay safe in this period, take all preventive measures from all relevant organizations. This phase too will pass and we would rejoice over this pandemic.  See you next week Wednesday. We love you.


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